Closed 1967

Number 13 on 1757 map

Norfolk Pubs


Cutting from the Dereham and Fakenham Times

Another Bullards pub

Swaffham Hill c.1950


1887, The Chequers is in the centre, you can see why they had to knock
it down to straighten the A47

Kelly's 1883 (8) entry - Chapling, Mark, Chequers, Swaffham Road

William O'Callaghan Place

Council flats on site of The Chequers

William O'Callaghan Place is on the corner of Swaffham Hill and Old Becclesgate close to where the Chequers once stood. It is named after William O'Callghan, a Dereham man, who was one of only two survivors of a massacre of British prisoners by German troops on 27 May 1940. Read the full story.

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